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Hot BAD Bitch Blog.

The cause & cure for your FETiSH addiction

PrincessMAS YAY!!!

Time to celebrate my PuRRRfect PrIncess Pussy and Totally Bitchy attitude with PRinCessMAS!! Yay! I have lowered my rates way down to gicve you all a chance to call and celebrate your Princess for being so totally and puRRRfectly HOT! My soft, firm ass. My long tan legs. My perky pink full tits and my Hot Bitch attitude!! On your knees cus it's time for ass worhip time!!

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Oh yes!

I LOVE piggy daddies! So, if you're a piggy daddy looking for a PuRRRfect PRiNCeSs, here I am!! Yummy Yum!


                   Today I smell like coconut oil! Tanning!

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Pretty Princess is such a good mind fuck and C0Ck Tease! Yum

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I caught a little piggy (tomtom) and he has been such a good little atm pig for his Princess and of course for My Purrrfect PrinceSs body, pussy and all around PURRRfecT bitchy PRiNcEss attitude! My tommy piggy loves pleasing Me and sending Me on weekly shopping sprees for naughty panties, hot heels and sexy ass clothes that cling to My hot body!! I even bought a new pocket vibrator, for when I'm out and want to be a nasty PriNceSs!! Maybe I should make My tomtom piggy buy Me that HUGE dildo I deserve! Yummmmy!

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Anywhosy! I'm off being a purrrfect bitch and went to see daddy the other day and he had so many new prezzies for me from his trip to Hong Kong! Love being ME!!! 

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Princess is so busy!

Getting ready for summer is so much work!! OmYG! I have been shopping & shopping for shoes, cute little summer dresses and bikini wear to tease all the drooling boys with this summer!! lol I even had some old guy pay for my new bikinis at the ed hardy shop! Perv! I modeled one for him and I could totally see his little wee wee boner under his old golfer man pants! GROSS! lolol I have been making sure my pretty PRiNCess tan is purrrfect for My pets and of course My BIG BLACK COck that I just LOVE fucking!! Yes, be jealous, pervy piggy! Hmm My hot PRiNCeSs PuSsy loves to be filled with that HUGE black nigger cock!! && He LOVES it when I say "fuck My white PRiNCeSS pussy , nigger boy!! lolol Totally love it!! Anywhosy pervs, PriNcess will be taking calls Tomorrow, I mean, it's Easter, bitch and I have dates and prezzies to open from My pervy Easter bunny! Until then, whack your cock to My Pretty PRiNCess Hottness!


   xoxo PrinceSs

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I totally fucked booooby over & left his DiCK hard.

Poor boooobbbyyy. booooobbby was a bad little bitch & needed to be punished hard by PRiNCeSs and you know I love punishing My little cuckybois. kiss.  boooobbby said he was too busy to call & worship PRiNCeSs for Christmas, or New Year! Wrong, bobo! I am your bitch PRiNCeSs and when you don't worship PRiNCeSs like a good cucky does.. PRiNCeSs fucks you hard and totally rapes your wallet. I drained poor boooobbyyy's account in under 5 mins! lol Now bbooooby knows better<3 loves it!

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Being a BiTCH PRiNCeSS is great!!



I have so many haters. LOVE IT.

There is a loser flirt who pretends to be a customer under the name Panic Driven. This fat loser presses all PRiNCeSS' buttons and then, when I bless the disgusting loser, she writes back saying to not spam  "him".  UH, how stupid are you? I guess the fast food has not only gone to your ass, but has clogged your thinking cells! lol It would have taken this retard less time to just block Me. Very dumb.

PRiNCeSs is sick:(

I have the flu & a killer ear ache!! I almost do not have the energy to fill my puRRRfect PRiNCeSs pussy with this huge DiCk next to me, almost.:)~ This 12inch BBC is keeping PRiNCeSs happy & totally comfortable, such a good BBC. :X Well pervy, since I am sick you need to do your fucky-face best and make PRiNCeSS happy!




  Love me!


I can't tell you sluts how much I crave HUGE DiCK !! I mean, I must have fucked 10 x's since my last post && My pu RRR fect PRiNcESs pussy STILL wants more!! My sex drive is as insatiable as my SHOPPING Addiction!!  lolZ any-doodle, bitchez... Call PRiNCeSs!! 

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Kiss Me! P.S. Daddy sent me some cute new shoes!! I am Daddy's SPOILED little BiTCH!

See full sexy pic, sluts!!










I FUCKED him so good last night!!

OMY fuckin PRiNCeSS! As I told you pervys earlier, I found that SUPA thick, horse sized black dick I TOLD Santa to bring me for PRiNCeSSMas!!

Well, last night I OFFICIALLY made it & claimed that nigga dick as property of PRiNCeSS Abby! So fuckin hot. Honestly sluts, it felt so good deep in my puRRRfect PRiNCeSS pussy, Hmmmm! He is now talking about even getting MY Pretty PRiNCess initials tattooed on my new toy!! lol Fuckin loser... but GREAT dick............ for now! lol

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   Call PRiNCeSS, bitchezzz you're all SO easy!

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NEW YEAR, NEW PRiNCESS LOOK & new pervy fucks to play with!

WoW! So much to catch you pervys up on:) I was such a naughty PRiNCeSS last year that Santa gave Me everything I wanted!! I also got that 12 inch black dick I was looking for !!

Previously used slutty, brittney called PRinCess, wanting to get her whore hole used again lol That slut! I'm going to make her wildest dreams cum true. Love it!

Oh, stupid girl meggie ( don't love her )was totally offended that I call you my fucky. lol Jealous slut. I absolutely love the fact that flirts hate me! lol So jealous of my hot, puRrRfect ass! Who can blame them?!

I have a lot of new & freaky shit planned for this year with my fuckys! So, stay tuned, pervs!


   Love PRiNCeSS


Call PRinCeSS & get pervy.

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Call PRiNCess & Get pervy!!

I LOVE it when my pervy fuckers call me! I get to tease them and get their cocks so hard they can't help but to spoil me until I let them explode all over.  My foot fucker called me yesterday and he gets so hot when I let him rub my pretty PRiNCEsS feet with his hard cock. If he is a good pervy for PRiNCeSS I'll pump his cock with my pretty painted feet until it explodes! Then, because I'm totaly super nice, I let him suck his jizz off my pretty PRiNCeSS feet.  So fun!

Call PRinCeSS & get pervy.

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fuck tards

Aww ... loser boi steven wants his daddy to know he is a super fag! lol  Everyone should call his daddy and tell him what a fag his loser son, stevy fuck-tard is!  YaY!

His facebook email addy

his password


john kennan

daddys # 530 368 3978


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 Have fun sluts!! Love PRiNCEsS

cunt hole boobbbyyyyy

My little pathetic booby cunt has to get a second job, just to please his PRiNCeSs!! I tottally love raping his ass & he TOTALLY LOVES IT too! lol I even made him cum in his little cunt mouth for me. Yum yum in your tum tum , boooby... lolol 

I am so fucking horny today. I swear my tight, tan pussy craves HUGE dick.


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I shop while he sucks cock.

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piggyslut Barney loves to suck cock for PRinCeSs!! (LMAO) && he's a good lil' cock sucker too! I made sure of that. I taught that little sissyslut how to suck it & slurp it down like a good whore does. She takes PRiNCess to the mall, gives me hand fulls of ca$h to shop with and he searches for huge black cock to suck. What a pervy fuck slut I have turned him into! lol




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PRiNceSS needs a new toy DiCk!!

So, yesterday morning I was totally horny and I broke my 12 inch vibby, guys!! :( Now I can't fuck my pretty PRiNceSs pussy, any time I want. And my pretty, tight pink pussy needs HUGE DiCK a lot!! Double DUH!! The HUGE 12/half black Dick that I usually allow to fuck my pink hole is at basket ball camp... lame. I could get anyone to fuck me, if I wanted... but this PRiNCess pussy deserves the BEST HUGE DiCK EVER && I can't allow just any dick in my hotness!! So, who is going to be the lucky pervy to buy PRiNcess a new HUGE vibby to fuck my pussy with??


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Your SeXy Hot BLOnDe BiTCH is back, pervie's (:

That's right, booboo! I am back! I have been off and on, mostly off enjoying my fab, HOt Ass PRiNCesS life in Cali. Duh!
Now I am back I expect all my previously owned bitchy poohs to come crawling back like good little cock whores.
I have so much freak nasty waiting for you!! Til then, KiSs KiSs!!






Hey loser fucky! Princess is now taking calls! Call Me, bitchy-poo!!




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